Artist Profile: KDichter Designs- Handmade Women’s Belt Buckles

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One-of-a-kind handmade Belt Buckle by artist Kathy Burg of KDichter Designs

Meet belt designer Kathy Burg. Kathy designs exclusive handmade women’s belt buckles for her label KDichter Designs. In today’s world of mass production, handmade items are a rarity.
KDitcher Crystal Belt Buckle
What’s even more impressive than creating belt buckles by hand is assembling them from ‘found’ items that Kathy comes across at yard sales and in her daily life. We’re not talking your typical materials – Kathy uses everything from vintage jewelry, semiprecious stones to medical pills and even orthodontic braces!
"The ugliest things have the opportunity to be beautiful,” said Kathy Burg. “I have enough saved raw material to keep me busy for a long time. Lot and lots of recycled stuff, much of which has a history or even an emotional element to it. I love vintage jewelry and collections of things like buttons."
KDitcher handmade belt buckle with found objects
Another thing that sets Kathy apart is her extensive knowledge and experience with all different types of leather. She is experienced with leather from many animals, including stingrays and ostriches.
Kathy got her inspiration to create such unique designs from searching through her grandmother’s closet as a child and coming up with potential uses for the items she discovered. She admits that the hobby of her childhood has “fuel[ed] her obsession with found objects.” Kathy enjoys collecting vintage items with historical or meaningful elements. 
Just like her belts, Kathy is certainly an individual- rather than following trends, she follows her heart. 
Flower object belt buckle by KDitchter
‘If it's not right than I don't want to let it go. I have a connection to all my art,” said Kathy. “I must say I don't keep up with trends, I just make my own and it either works or it doesn't." 
Clearly, her philosophy is every bit as beautiful and refreshing as her designs. Your scrap materials may be Kathy Burg’s treasure – just as her belts will be yours!
Kathy Burg has hand-crafted thousands of unique and eye-catching belt buckles for K Dichter Designs, so don’t miss out! Be sure to check out her collection on our site. 
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