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Many women don't spend enough time considering what belt to wear- should it be a skinny belt, wide belt, stretch waist belt or no belt at all. The options are many and choosing the perfect style is as important as picking out the right shoes or bag. And while there are no hard and fast rules in regards to which are the right colors or widths, there are some common mistakes women make that are easy to remedy.  

Wearing a waist belt on your hips. Low-riding belts ooze bohemian cool but you need to wear the right type of belt on your hips for the most flattering fit. Belts made for the waist are cut straight while hipster...

While skinny belts may be stealing the scene with short skirts and bright denim, big bold stretch belts are perfect when paired with a loose or long dress.


Not only do these belts transform your outfit into a fashion statement, they also shape your figure and instantly downsize your body (including your waist). Petite ladies like Ashely Olsen and Rachel Zoe use wide belts to create shape to their figure. Full-figure women will also love a big, bold, belt because it instantly cinches the waist for a sexy hourglass figure.


Besides shape-enhancing, big waist belts also bring interest to an outfit. Drew...

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While some gals wish they were a bit slimmer, there are many whom seek to add more curves to their boyish frames. (The grass is always greener, isn't it?)

If you are one of those ladies, don't fret – with the right garment and the appropriate women's waist belt, transforming your shape into more of an hourglass figure is super easy.

1. A peplum dress or jacket has a silhouette that is nipped at the waist and has a little skirt that hangs over the hips which instantly creates curves to your bottom half. Adding a skinny belt right on the waistline will further draw attention to your middle, as well as evoke a chic 1940s...

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