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Everyone knows the age old rule, “you can’t wear white after Labor Day.”

This means that with Memorial Day approaching this weekend, it’s time to break out your crisp, clean whites! The holiday got us at KeepYourPantsOn.com thinking, where did this tradition originate?

There are many possible explanations for this fashion rule. First off, white clothing is often worn to beat the heat. In the early 20th century, people dressed much more conservatively and therefore needed a fashionable way to cool down without showing too much skin. Once the fall and winter came around, though, the fashion elite wouldn’t dare...

While skinny belts may be stealing the scene with short skirts and bright denim, big bold stretch belts are perfect when paired with a loose or long dress.


Not only do these belts transform your outfit into a fashion statement, they also shape your figure and instantly downsize your body (including your waist). Petite ladies like Ashely Olsen and Rachel Zoe use wide belts to create shape to their figure. Full-figure women will also love a big, bold, belt because it instantly cinches the waist for a sexy hourglass figure.


Besides shape-enhancing, big waist belts also bring interest to an outfit. Drew...

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Youʼve probably encountered this situation more than once—youʼre franticly getting dressed for an event whether itʼs a date, party or a work event—and youʼre not completely happy with your chosen outfit.

Before you start tearing through your closet for another dress, knot on a skinny belt- Adding a belt to a dress is that finishing touch to your ensemble.

See how Olivia, Taylor, Jessica and Eva (or their stylists) know how to turn their fashionista on in a flash.

1. Fuchsia 1/2" Skinny Belt with Covered Buckle- $9.00

2. Always stylish and I mean always, Olivia Palmero adds a girlie touch to her dainty white...

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