How do you wear your Jeans?

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Jeans… We LOVE Them!

Jeans may well be America’s FINEST fashion contribution.  They have form, function and FAB fun!

You can wear them to work in the yard, work on your car, or to the office on Casual Fridays!  You can wear them to the park or on Park Avenue!  You can wear them low, high, midway, straight, full, cuffed, cut off, short, long, capri and even bell bottomed!

They even make videos about how to wear them!

Jeans certainly are the most versatile item in any girl’s wardrobe!  Renowoned designer Yves Saint Laurent loves them too  “I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans:  the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant.  They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, and simpliciaty – all I hope for in my clothes” 
We thought we’d share some insights while talkin’ jeans…


All for One & One for All!

Everyone looks good in jeans.  Denim is a shade of blue that flatters every complexion.  Every boy and girl… every age from toddlers to teens to moms to grandmas… everyone everywhere can find a perfect pair of jeans.



Young looks to borrow!

Teenage girls can, and DO wear anything!  That’s something to love about them… that and their inventive pairings!  Preppy doesn’t have to be boring with a pretty petite belt and a darling cropped sweater.  Take the same rolled up jean shorts & black belt and make it something different every time you wear it – swap out your sweater, your shoes, add a hat!  Bold designer shorts add prints and even ruffles and belts that hug the hips accenting your curves.  Borrow from the babes... Let the young set inspire you to think outside of the box when you pull out your jean shorts this summer.


Steamy, sexy, still got it!

Cindy Crawford, Christie Brinkley and Ell Macpherson remind us to stay sexy!  These lovely ladies look stunning in their very different jean styles.  Jeans are one of the only ageless pieces in our closets.   We don’t have to choose ‘our mother’s jeans’ any longer.  New styles stretch better than ever.  They also fit where you’d like them - hugging not hurting.  While the high rise, like Elle is wearing, are making a come back the low rise styles are also comfortable for all body types.  With so many varieties you can keep you favorite jeans for years without worrying about them going out of style.  Like fine wine and lovely ladies your favorite jeans just get better with age!


Pretty as a Princess!

As if we need further evidence of the versatility of jeans here’s a royal example… literally!  No one is more fashion forward than Princess Kate and she loves her jeans.  Her royal duties – visits, appearances and such – take her all over the world.  She’s always game to fit in with the locals – even donning a hat with the Canucks and Aussies.  Around town she adds a pretty blazer and she’s good to go!

Jean Attitude!

Sometimes we ladies feel a little naughty… jump in your jeans and you’re bad to the bone.  Gretchen Wilson and other country singers often slip into jeans and big western buckles.  AnneLynn MacCord shows a little skin for a movie set but anyone can slip into second skin jeans and turn it up a notch – bring on the bravado.


Jeans Alone Are NOT Enough! – Belt Basics

Of course we recognize that accessories often MAKE the outfit.  Low-rise jeans often need belts just to keep them snuggly in place.  Boyfriend jeans sometimes need a lil’ exposure to the feminine side.  Like these runway models, sporting some of the 2014-2015 Autumn-Winter print jean styles with accenting belts, we can all use a bit of color, texture, bling, contour and a few inches off our center… aren’t we lucky we can always add a belt?!


Fave NEW Way To Wear ‘Em!

The latest trend in belts and jeans is the half tucked look.  We LOVE it!  No longer will we be plagued with to tuck or not to tuck.  No worries about the dreaded muffin top hang over… This is the perfect solution.  Tuck or Un-Tuck as your see fit.  Show off your favorite belt and slim your waistline without worrying about your backside (isn’t that a relief)!



Celebs Steppin’ Out In NEW Style!

The wonderful thing about this look is it works for every body type.  Miley is a young, thin, A line girl.  She adds some definition to her slim lines.  The belt exposure on Emmy Rossum’s boyfriend jeans help to break up her shades of blue.  Apple shapes do well with the look that accents a waist with a thinning line.   Cindy Crawford uses strategic blousing… mostly tucked but not the heavy blousing that seems to add pounds to our weight.



 Plain White T & Jeans – Yes, Ma’am!

Jennifer Aniston sums up a classic jean look… “ I feel sexy in my jeans and wearing my boyfriend’s T-shirt.”  The white T and jeans is a classic that never gets old.  Choose any belt and any style of jeans and you’re sexy and stylin’.



Let ‘Em Go Low!

Nicole Kidman wears everything well but this style is one that EVERYONE (else) can wear well too!  The low rise jeans are fantastic.  They fit comfortably below any belly issues and give the thin ladies a bit of definition.  We love Nicole’s choice of feminine accents with her jeans… she’s such a lady even in her jeans!  Low rise jeans look great with belts in the loops or with wrap belts that tuck, tie or loop.



Back In Black

Light jeans and black accents is another flattering jean pairing.  Any style of lighter colored jean and any type of bold black accent pull this together.  We love the clean cut, fashionable, forward thinking yet traditional feel of black and jeans.  The variety here is endless… the result is très magnifique.



Color Me Beautiful

Don’t be dull… accent your jeans with color, prints, and even gold and silver.  Julia Roberts, our pretty blonde model, and Nicole Richie have very different styles.  Julia is dressed comfortably for travel yet note the adorable shoes and playful belt.  We all own a white button down and jeans… why not add gold or silver jewelry and a splash of color around the middle?  Nicole Richie gets girly in her boyfriend jeans by rolling a cuff, adding a sassy belt, bold blazer and sophisticated slippers!  There is no end to where color can take you… belts no longer need to be black leather… prints, metallic, thin, wide, you name it, you can find it…



Buckle Me In

A conversation about jeans would not be complete without a wee bit about buckles… YES the buckle adds a ‘whole new dimension to the belted middle'!  Jennifer Lopez, Miranda Lambert, Madonna, Sheryl Crow and models everywhere know there is just something about a girl in a BIG BELT BUCKLE!



Not Your Boyfriend’s Buckle!

These are not your father’s belt buckles.  We no longer ‘have’ to rely on a smaller version of a man’s western buckle.  Western buckles have been feminized and beautified.  Bigger size buckles have expanded from traditional western to whimsical flowers, animals and stunning designs.  Buckles are often sold separately allowing you to personalize your look one step further. 



Never More Beautiful, Never More You!

 “I live a dual life. On the red carpet, it's complete glam. But at home, I'm a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl. Simple can be beautiful.”  Ashley Greene is so right.  Jeans are the perfect pant. 

They accent our positives and lend comfort and often attitude to our look.  Vanessa Hudgens is a perfect example of wearing comfy boyfriend jeans with attitude.  Kelly Clarkson was once quoted as saying “In Texas, we practically come out of the womb in jeans.”  Ok, maybe not exactly, but it doesn’t take us long to slip into a pair of jeans.  No matter what jeans you wear or how you wear them it IS what is inside that matters most.  Let the inner you shine through what you wear with your most prized pair of jeans.

Be beautiful in your jeans!


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