Your Guide to a Perfect Fit!

Not all designers and manufacturers adhere to standard sizes, that's why we pay close attention to the sizing details so you can shop with confidence.

Perfect Measurements = Perfect Fit
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Know Your Body Type

We all have different body types from slim to
full-figured, pear shape, hourglass rectangle
and more...
Know Your Body Type for Women's Belts
Hips vs. Waist Measurements for Women's Belts

Hips vs. Waist

When shopping for belts you should keep 2 key measurements in mind: WAIST and HIP measurements. Your waist can be 3-5 sizes smaller than your hips (especially for pear shaped and hour-glass body types) so it's important to measure yourself at the exact positioning according of the belt you intend to purchase.

High or Low

Also consider the style and cut of the clothing you intend to pair the belt with. For example - A belt for Low Rise jeans might fit low on the hips vs a Waist Belt that fits at mid or upper waist. Belt sizes for these different uses may vary considerably and may necessitate 2 separate belts.
High or Low Waist Women's Belts
How to Measure Hips and Waist for Women's Belts
Measure yourself comfortably so it's neither too
loose nor cutting into your body.

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Add to Natural Waist Measurements for Women's Belts
Compare Waist Measurements to our Women's Belts Sizing
Finally, take your NATURAL body measurements and
add 2"-4" for compensation, then compare to the
sizing details we provide for every belt we offer.
Keep in mind that it is perfectly natural to be a size
SMALL at the waist and LARGE at the hips.