Indonesian Fashion- Handmade Beaded Belts for Women

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When you think of Indonesia do you think of high fashion?

Due to the success of our Handmade Beaded Belt Collection, we decided to take a look into Indonesian fashion, and discovered there is much more to Indonesia than beautiful islands and white sand beaches…

Paris. New York. Milan. These international cities instantly come to mind when we think about the fashion capitals of the world… But could the mountainous island of Bali, Indonesia really be the next big hub of fashion?

The Indonesian government certainly thinks so- by organizing Indonesia Fashion Week, or IFW they hope to transform Indonesia into the fashion capital of Asia. One of the benefits of IFW is that the show is subsidizes for smaller designers so everyone gets an equal chance and therefore it is ultimately based on talent and artistic value rather than budget.

A constant challenge with the up and coming fashion scene in Indonesia is finding a balance between the past and the present. The country is intent on staying true to and paying homage to its heritage, while also establishing itself as a modern, international competitor.

A traditional Bali bead is a handmade sterling silver bead made in a traditional pattern. The designs have been traced back as far as the 14th century. Today the term “Bali bead” refers to any bead created on the island.

The Balinese Beadmakers have a spiritual connect with each piece that they create, people believe that each individual bead has a meaning and that it’s a work of art meant to praise the gods- meaning that when you wear a Bali bead, you are connected to both the individual beadmaker and the spiritual energy that they poured into it.

So how can you add a piece of Indonesia fashion into your wardrobe? The super comfortable stretchable women’s beaded belt which is handmade in Indonesia…

Both beautiful and meaningful, these belts can brighten up both your outfit and your mood!

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