The Power of the Flower

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What does your favorite flower say about you?


Every year around this time, you can be sure that you'll be hearing this old adage at least once: April showers bring May flowers.

But did you know that your favorite flower can reveal traits from your personality?

That's because the various flowers that are blooming right now all have different symbolic meanings and spiritual interpretations. And just by wearing a certain flower, whether it's in the form of a leather bracelet, a belt buckle, or even the real deal pinned into your hair, you can let people know a little bit about your character and mood, without even saying a word..

Want to know what your favorite bloom says about you? Read ahead.


Womens Leather Floral Wristband


Roses are known for their great beauty and they are associated with profound love and a nurturing temperament. The different colors also mean different things. Red denotes passion, white means loyalty and friendship, and pink has come to symbolize grace.

Women's Sunflower Belt Buckle


Bold and cheerful and possessing the magical ability to make one smile, it should come as no surprise that sunflower symbolize happiness and joy, as displayed by their warm yellow petals and oversized shape.



Daisy Chain Leather Wristband


The history of the daisy may date back some 4000 years, but its age has no bearing on its meaning, which is one of youth, purity and simplicity. This is perhaps one of the reasons why daisies were the flower of choice for the hippie babes of the 60s.

Silver Plated Hibiscus Women's Belt Buckle


Hibiscus flowers can only bloom when the weather is lovely and therefore they symbolize delicate beauty. The hibiscus is also a popular flower used for tea and has many health benefits, including the lowering of blood pressure and good respiratory health.



Lotus Flower Spring Belt Buckle



The lotus is the national flower of India and is considered one of the most spiritual flowers of all. It has several meanings, including forgiveness, good fortune, faith, and tranquility.


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