Tips for Packing for a Fashionable Vacation

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How will you pack for your Summer Vacation?


Summer is here!! This not only means that there are longer days of sun, fun and BBQs ahead of us, but also VACATIONS!

Nearly 160 million Americans are expected to take some sort of vacation during the next few months. That means a whole lot of people trying to squeeze a whole lot of clothes into suitcases and carry-on bags.

Yes, packing for any kind of trip can seem like a formidable task, especially if you want to dress as fashionable on vacation as you do in everyday life. But packing doesn't have to be scary. Follow these tips and you'll have no problem fitting a bunch of stylish looks into that suitcase.

1) Accessorize. You can change the whole look of an outfit just by switching out the accessories. Items like necklaces and bracelets can really make an impact without filling up your bag.

The same goes for belts; just swap the belt on a pair of jeans or a dress and you can really change the way you look. Fabric belts are total space savers and look really cute. Reversible ribbon belts are the equivalent of two looks in one. You can also do the interchangeable belt thing by bringing just one leather belt strap and several different belt buckles to wear with it.

2) Pack basics that are versitile. This doesn't mean you need to stick with neutral colors (that would be way too boring). But the pieces should easily coordinate with eachother. So whether you favor classic colors like navy, white and red or hot tamale shades of pink, orange and electric green, be sure the majority of the clothing items you bring fit within your particular color story.

3) Don't bring too many shoes. It may be tempting to pack half your shoe tree but unfortunately, footwear takes up a ton of space in your bag and will just make it heavier. Keep it simple: one pair of comfortable tennis shoes (which you won't even have to pack if you wear them on the plane), one pair of sandals and one pair of fancy shoes for a night out is all you really need.

4) Do your research. Go online and find out what the weather is typically like in the place you plan on visiting. Find out how hot it gets during the day and how much the temperature drops at night.

Easy peasy...


Travel Safely Gals!


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