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Braided Black Linen Belt w/ Wood Buckle for Waist or Hips wide

          Width: 2 1/2"        
* Size Chart


Looking for a different yet natural fabric belt to add to your closet? When paired with many of your casual clothes you will find this Black Linen Women's Waist & Hips Belt and Wavy Natural Wood Belt Buckle a new wardrobe essential. The linen strap hugs your figure and will not create any gaps adding that extra sharp finish


Braided Belts are super comfortable because the buckle prong can latch to any part of the strap and always fit perfectly. This belt is 2 1/2" wide. Made of 100% Linen and Natural Wood.


  • One Size fits most: 28"-42"
Width: 2 1/2"
SKU: WHB2126001BK

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