Memorial Day is Here- Bring Back Your Summer Whites!

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Everyone knows the age old rule, “you can’t wear white after Labor Day.”

This means that with Memorial Day approaching this weekend, it’s time to break out your crisp, clean whites! The holiday got us at thinking, where did this tradition originate?

There are many possible explanations for this fashion rule. First off, white clothing is often worn to beat the heat. In the early 20th century, people dressed much more conservatively and therefore needed a fashionable way to cool down without showing too much skin. Once the fall and winter came around, though, the fashion elite wouldn’t dare risk muddying their wardrobe with the elements. 

Another guess is that the rule was symbolic. Wealthy city-goers would ditch their dark and drab work-wear and instead don white linen suits or dresses as they relaxed in places like the Hamptons.


Whatever the origin, the tradition has been engrained in us for as long as we can remember. However, modern fashionistas are challenging it. Bottom line: do whatever’s “white” for you and enjoy the holiday!


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